2018 Mid-term Elections

Indivisible MDI is dedicated to resisting the corruption, racism, and authoritarianism of the Trump administration and the radical right-wing GOP agenda he represents.

The best way to defend our democracy is to exercise our right and responsibility to VOTE!

The Indivisible MDI Steering Committee recommends a YES vote on the following candidates/ ballot initiatives:

✅Angus King, US Senate

✅Jared Golden, US House District 2

✅Janet Mills, Governor

✅Louis Luchini, Maine Senate District 7

✅Brian Hubbell, Maine House District 135  Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Mount Desert

✅Genevieve McDonald, Maine House District 134  Cranberry Isles, Southwest Harbor, Swan’s Island, Tremont

✅Homecare for All, Question 1

Maine law allows same day voter registration. In-person absentee voting available in your town office through Thursday, Nov. 1. Go to maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/voter-info/voterguide for complete election information. 

Canvassing Opportunities

Speaking to voters is the best way to get people to the polls. Get out of your comfort zone and canvass for candidates! See the links below for canvassing and phone banking opportunities.

Jared Golden for Congress

Angus King for Senate

Janet Mills for Governor

Hancock County Democratic Candidates

Other Democratic Candidates